More than likely, if you are interested in learning more about what we do it’s because you have decided that you need some assistance in your home design aspect. What we strive to do, is to assist you while giving our expertise, as simply as possible. There is no pressure, no fine print and nothing that our family at Echelon wants to keep you from knowing. We firmly value the beauty of simplicity, and want you to walk away feeling relieved, rather than scratching your head.

Each individual tends to have their own set of questions when they walk through the double doors and into our design room. While all of these questions differ depending on our client’s specific circumstances, the questions we are asked the most has to be the following:

Q: What exactly is it that you do?
A: Well, what is it you would like us to do? :) We are a full service design firm, so we can do anything and everything you want as far as interior design. Some of our service include furniture selections, window treatments, home accessories, area rugs, wall coverings, custom paint, lighting and space planning.

Q: Do I have to own a Schell Brothers home to work with Echelon Interiors?
A: You do not need to be a Schell Brothers homeowner to work with us, and you definitely do not need own a Schell home to fully benefit from our recently updated Furniture Collections Brochure.

Q: If I am purchasing a Schell Brothers home, what can I add into my mortgage?
A: We have added the ability to have window treatments and custom paint included into your mortgage if you are a Schell Brother’s homeowner.

Q: How does the Furniture Collections Brochure work?
A: In this brochure, we offer furniture in packages by room and a la carte at a discounted price. Our hope in offering these collections is that you find something you love without difficulty and you save money at the same time. Contact us to have a brochure sent to your home or via email.

Q: Where are you located and can we meet at my home?
A: We like to meet you for the first time in our office located at 20184 Philips Street, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971, that way we can give you as much information as possible and show you everything we offer in one place. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t come out to your home. Actually, we like to! Seeing your space helps us to get a feel for what we are working with.

Q: Are your prices competitive?
A: Compared to designers and furniture showrooms in our vicinity our prices are very competitive. We carry many of the same vendors as what you may find elsewhere but we also carry unique lines that we like to incorporate into each house so that no home looks the same. We carry everything from very reasonable products to high end pieces.

Q: How did Echelon Interiors get started?
A: Echelon Interiors was established to furnish Schell Brothers model homes only, but due to the overwhelming demands of the Schell buyer to purchase the furniture they saw in the models we opened our doors to you. Customers would constantly come in asking us to furnish their new house with the same attention to detail that was used in the Schell models, so it was natural to expand our services to the Schell clients and others. Our design service is complimentary to all Schell buyers, and our furniture prices are very attractive. With this, we have been able to expand on the Schell experience and provide a true turn-key home experience.

We hope this helps! If it hasn’t answered all your questions please do not hesitate to give us a call at the office 302-226-4600 or email us at info@echelon-interiors. We look forward to hearing from you!