Annie Sloan took the DIY world by storm when she developed her decorative chalk paint. Since then everything from salvage shops, antique shops to trendy furniture upcycling shops have picked it up. If you haven’t heard of it yet, here is some background.

This paint when dried has a completely matte look and is able to be used on almost any surface. It’s really easy to use and even messes are easy to clean. Basically it takes a piece of furniture and instantly makes it cool. There are many tutorials online teaching various ways to apply the paint, and different finishes give you the option of creating a retro look with your project or just a gorgeous color.

There’s just one problem – this awesome stuff is a bit hard to come by. Bringing me to why we are so excited about our newest obsession!

Americana Décor, a brand that many fellow DIY Divas may recognize from Michael’s Arts and Crafts, has actually developed their own version of Chalky Finish paint! And it works pretty damn good. Colors range from muted pastels to timeless brights, and there are three different waxes, and three different varnishes to choose from that protect or distress your project. Americana Décor’s Chalky Finish paint is great to work with – I used it just last weekend on a jewelry display project. Virtually no smell is associated with the paint, and it dries almost instantly. What else is cool about this? If you are into the heirloom style, a little sand paper around the edges instantly takes your project back twenty years (in a good way).

Here is a link to Annie Sloan’s site for chalk paint and refurbishing ideas.
But, at 8.99 a pop I think I will indulge my healthy obsession and get one Americana Décor finish in every color.