What is 6 7 8?

Well in addition to 6 7 8  being awesome numbers, they also represent the percentage discounts we are offering on our window shutters, Braxton Culler furniture collection and outdoor furniture.

Whats so special about your window shutters?

Well our window shutters are made here in the great state of Delaware and they can be seen in many of the home interiors we’ve done. We also offer the best price in window fashions throughout Coastal Delaware.

What is Braxton Culler?

They are only one of the best home furnishing brands around today and we’re proud to carry their collection. They offer over 1000 fabric choices, 15 wood finishes and over 1000 pieces of furniture.

How can i take advantage of this deal?

All you have to do is contact one of our sales representatives and the rest is history. Simply call 302.226.4600, or email us at info@echeloninteriors with the subject: 678

Is that all?

Nope! If your order reaches $25,000, we’ll knock off 10%.


**The 678 discount does not apply to orders of $25,000 or more. Orders of $25,000 will receive a 10% discount. Orders higher than $25,000 will be discounted in real time by a sales representative.